Dear colleague,


It is a pleasure to present the «I International Multidisciplinary Congress of Innovation and Research in Healthy Habits». This congress will be held on May 12, 13 and 14, 2022, at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Ceuta, University of Granada.

The main reason for it is to publicize the latest research and new innovations in the different fields that affect healthy habits. We will carry out scientific dissemination of great social and quality impact, where not only theory will have a place, but also practical workshops will be held to assimilate concepts.

What social impact do healthy habits have?

A well-informed society with an awareness of healthy habits will get sick less often than the one that is not formed. Investing in population education, in healthy habits, not only has a personal health benefit, but also a social one. Since it directly affects the reduction of health expenses. Healthy habits affect us all.

Whenever we talk about a healthy habit, we think about eating well and doing physical exercise. But those are not their limits. Healthy habits affect us since we are conceived. If our mother does not maintain good habits during her pregnancy or before starting to gestate, these will have a direct impact on the correct development of the pregnancy and obviously the life of the baby when it is born. Even the habits of fathers before conception can have an impact on the future born. The decisions about lifestyle habits that we make throughout our lives will also affect the development of our health.

These habits can be classified into 5 large blocks, which will be represented in our congress: Care, Physical Exercise, Environment, Mental Health, and Nutrition.

Experts from each of the blocks will participate so that we can all learn. We want to develop a multidisciplinary congress where each professional can open their field of study in healthy habits to other specialities and be able to verify that everything is related.

We intend that anyone who dedicates their time to us in these three days of congress will feel that it has been a productive time, in which they have been able to learn something new with which to improve the quality of their work on their patients, or something new to apply to their own life.

After all, we all want to have the best tools to be able to live with quality every day of our lives. We look forward to having you with us these days and covering your expectations.


Receive a cordial greeting,

 Maria Montiel Troya

President of the Organizing Committee