From 20th of March to 1 of May

Themes for presentations:

-Healthy habits:

  1. Care
  2. Environment
  3. Mental Health
  4. Physical Exercise
  5. Nutrition


TITLE (MAXIMUM 200 CHARACTERS): Must reflect the emphasis and content of the work, must not include abbreviations, and will be written in capital letters.

AUTHORS: Enter the initials and surnames of all authors in the section indicated for this purpose. Do not include positions or titles (Dr. Prof. etc…). In the case of final degree theses, the student and the director (or co-directors) of the thesis must sign as authors.

AFFILIATION: List of all institutions participating in the study (department, institution, city, country). The affiliation corresponding to each author must be entered.

Keywords (a minimum of three and a maximum of six).

BODY OF TEXT: Maximum 400 words. Authors are responsible for the literary style of the submitted abstracts. Poor use of language may lead to immediate rejection of the abstract, which must contain the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Methodology
  4. Results (it is essential that results are provided)
  5. Conclusions/Recommendations/Implications for practice (you can choose any of these options).
  6. Bibliography (Minimum 5 updated references).

For studies involving animal or human research, authors must confirm that the study has been conducted under the approval of the appropriate Ethics Committee for human or animal research.


Calibri 11 font, 1.15 line spacing, justification text on both sides. Bold type should be used for the title of the paper and italics to indicate affiliations.


 Posters will be presented on paper and will be identified with a number previously assigned in their acceptance by the scientific committee, the authors will be responsible for hanging them in the spaces provided for this purpose and they must be defended at the time agreed according to the program.

Technical characteristics:

  • Paper format.
  • Posters in 120×90 cm size.
  • Font type: Legible font.
  • Background: Good contrast between text and background.
  • Inserted graphics/images: Good quality. If text is used over the image, its contrast and good readability must be ensured.

Acceptance to one modality or another will be conditioned by both the quality of the work and its thematic suitability. The Scientific Committee will determine the result of the evaluation, which may be Rejection, Change of modality (from oral communication to poster), or Acceptance in the chosen modality.

* A maximum of 3 projects per author may be presented at the congress and each project may have a maximum of 6 authors. All authors must be registered at the congress.